"I'm looking forward"

The worst news has been confirmed this morning: Leon Andreasen ruptured the cruciate ligament in his right knee during 96's home game against FCN. In an interview, the Dane discusses his diagnosis and his remarkable desire to fight back.

This question may seem a little trivial but how are you this morning?

Leon Andreasen: ďNaturally, Iím pretty downcast and didnít sleep very much. Whatís gone wrong is what I suspected yesterday evening. The pain was bad then. The diagnosis this morning was not really a surprise to me.Ē

From your perspective, how did it happen yesterday evening?

Leon Andreasen: ďEverything happened very fast. I took a lunge and had my weight on my right leg, because I wanted to challenge my opponent. I then instantly felt the pain in my right knee and knew I couldnít carry on.Ē

How did you take the news from the doctor?

Leon Andreasen: ďIt was, as I said, hardly a surprise anymore. We will organise a plan in the next few days. I will need surgery but we will discuss that in private. Of course itís a bitter blow, but Iím looking forward and am totally convinced I can come back a second time.Ē

Your optimism is hugely admirable. How can you be so positive?

Leon Andreasen: ďI donít give up. The injury is bad but you can still play football after a cruciate ligament injury. Since yesterday evening, Iíve received so much encouragement and Iíd like to thank all those that got in touch. It motivates me. I know that the coming months wonít be easy and there will be a lot of work and rehabilitation but I want to play football again. Itís worth fighting for and, as of today, Iím working towards my comeback.Ē